What Makes a Research Proposal?

Understanding Research Proposals

As mentioned above, a research proposal is a document submitted to a research project when one is confident the research will solve a particular problem. Usually, a proposal is sent as part of the application for the funding of a research project. Usually, it is meant to persuade the panelists that the researcher is qualified to write the research project’s final report.

Research projects often have particular requirements that must be met to ensure the results achieved will be beneficial to society. Because the researcher intends to solve a particular problem, the research project must have specific objectives and explanations as to why it will yield the expected results. For instance, if the problem is used to determine the appropriate methods for managing water resources, a research proposal might be written to propose the research project’s methodology.

What Makes a Research Proposal?

Some of the things that make a research proposal stand out include:

  • Writing skills.

A researcher should learn how to write a proposal and know what the expectations of the project require to make a good one. Note that before you can proceed with the writing process, you must first understand what the project’s requirements are. This can be obtained from reading the project description.

  • Research skills.

Many students tend to be procrastinating when it comes to the writing process. However, you should be particular about the date of submission. Writing a proposal can be a lengthy process if you do not know what it entails.

  • Preparation.

The research proposal’s drafting should be swift and fluid. This means that the writer should have their content ready for them and know the proper structure to use when drafting the report. Ensure that you give a thorough research and proper preparation before beginning the writing process.

  • Formality.

There is a high probability of rejection at this point when applying for a research project. Therefore, as a student, you should strive to ensure that the proposal is formal and has good grammar. Make sure your writing is grammatically perfect and you have the right tone in the introduction section.

Requirements to Have in a Research Proposal

  1. The proposal should be written in your own words.

A proposal is written in the first person and should be objective. While writing this section, you have to describe the problem, problem statement, the problem you wish to solve, the methodology you intend to use, and the findings and recommendations you are going to make. Ensure you use appropriate grammar and spelling.

  1. Each section should have a table of content and references in your working document

The structure of the working document is designed to provide information to the reader. Therefore, you should adhere to the correct order of the sections in your writing. A proposal should include the title page, the abstract, and a working title, among other sections.

  1. The methods used must be clear

If you are planning to use the methods that have been defined, then this section should be in brackets.

  1. The analysis used must be in a report format.

This section must be clearly described and brief.

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